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  1. Taking everything in to consideration I believe it is better to let it be. Thank you all for your input.
  2. My wife has been in the states for 12 years and understands some basic English. The situation happened in at a National retailer. She went in to purchase a shirt while I waited outside. As it turns out the cashier signed her up for a Credit Card. I found this out when I got a credit inquiry notice e-mail from Credit Karma. I then asked my wife how she signed up for a CC. She said that she didn't. The cashier asked to see her license and that was all. I then asked her if she gave him her SS number and she said no. I then asked her if she signed anything and she said no. I then check the inquiry and see it was a hard pull. So I asked her if the guy did anything on the signature pad and she said yes, he hit the OK button a bunch of times and it looked like he signed/scribbled on the pad at some point. Mind you my wife had a CC for this retailer in the past and is likely her SS may be in the system. I plan on bringing this to the attention of the retailer today but wondering since this was a legal document that he signed for my wife if he is legally breaking the law and can the police be called on him or what other recourse I can take?
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