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  1. Hi there. I'm from California. About one week ago, I reported domestic violence to the police and they took away my girlfriend/roommate. Now she is billed out and will go to the court in late July. I want to "drop" the charge but I know now the prosecutor is the state/police, not me. I can't to be dropped. So I want to do whatever I can to maximize that probability. 1. Photo of the defendant holding a knife When the police arrived and asked about what happened, I mentioned that one year ago my girlfriend threatened me once with a knife that she would kill both of us if I didn't agree to something. The police asked for any proofs and I showed them a picture of her holding a knife. They then used my phone to send that photo to their email address. Is that photo a really strong evidence for a domestic violence charge? Is the face that "it happened 1 year ago" more likely to be interpreted as a long-term abuse or an insufficient evidence because it's been a long time and I was just threatened and not actually injured? 2. Should I tell the attorney about the photo? If I don't go to the court, the police won't have a personal certificate, and the photo may be their only proof besides my previous words. According to the police station, the defendant will be assigned an attorney when they go to the court. If it's possible, should I try to contact the attorney and tell him the existence of the photo to help him prepare a response? 3. Should I recant? Should I go to the court? I've read some articles on recanting statements. Some say that recanting or changing stories is not suggested because I may me considered as cheating to the police. But other articles say that the judge will take the victim's feedback into consideration. And this leads to the question about whether I should go to the court. For example, if the attorney says that the photo was taken too long ago and things have changed since then, do I need to be at the court and support that statement? Any help would be appreciated. Also thanks for any extra advices on what else I can do to help drop the charge.
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