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  1. A lil back story first ..I'll keep short as possible. I've been on pain meds for 13 years ..10 of those years with same dr.i always pass drug tests ..never abused always respected my meds ..I have bulging disk and pinch never ..pain in shoulder both knees and sciatica. I chose to leave my dr due to him wanted me on morphine which I did not want .anyways I go to new dr I walk in door nurse comes in no hello just says I want you to know we do not write for pain meds or head meds ..dr comes in agrees and says I must get bloodwork xrays and see what can be done ..she sends me to orthopedic dr who sends me to physical therphy. I call dr office and say I'm in pain need my pain pills she says we do not write for pain pills I said sign on desk says you do if I'm willing to sign a pain contract .she says that's only for patients who have been with us a while not new patients. I think that's discrimination..is it ? If yes what can I do ..its been 2 months still in pain ..
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