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    Can I sue a daycare for breaching our agreement? We enrolled our child into a 7month daycare program. The contract says: "It is understood and agreed, that the parent’s obligation to pay the fees for the session they sign-up for is unconditional. After registering, no portion of the outstanding fees will be refunded or cancelled, in whole or in part, in case of absence, withdrawal, suspension, divorce, separation, expulsion or departure from school due to job relocation. The total fee is strictly nonrefundable (for academic year 19-20). All monthly payments for academic year 19-20 are due in full by the first day of the month. In the event that the parents cancel this enrollment contract, after execution of same and registration, then in no event no portion of the tuition paid will be refunded. Parents who want to remove their child from the program, must give at least one month of notice. Once notice has been received, we will apply the deposit towards your last month tuition and any remaining balance will have to be paid before the child exits the program." My understanding is that we pay if we remove the child for any remaining month. What if it is the other way around? If they remove my child, can I sue them to pay? They removed my child on the basis of a "failure to adapt" policy which is nowhere to be found in the contract. Less
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