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  1. Thank you for your answer to my 'Citizenship  Status' question. My parents never filed a CRBA when I was a child. I am 49 now. What is my best course of action in order to become a US citizen?


    Thanks again.




    Chad Jubyna

  2. Hello, I have a question about my citizenship status. I was born in Canada in 1969. My birth mother, who is Canadian, divorced my birth father (who is American and was living in Canada at the time of my birth) and moved to the US when I was one year old. She remarried a US citizen when I was approximately four years old. This person legally adopted me at this time. My mother became a Permanent Resident of the US and my parents acquired this same status for me. However, since I was legally adopted by a US citizen, shouldn't I have automatically had US citizenship status at the time of my adoption? Thank you for your help and answers. Sincerely, Chad Jubyna
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