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  1. I entered into a deferral agreeement with the Macomb County Treasurer in Michigan. The City of Warren, Michigan proceeded to wrongfully incarcerate me preventing me from making timely payments. The County tax foreclosed my paid-off homesteaded home of 47 years. Can I seek injunctive or other relief? I am a Senior Citizen and qualify for a grant to pay the small amount of taxes which were due. This seems to be a case like the one the US Supreme Court recently ruled on where excessive fines were found to be unconstitutional. My Brother, John Cafarelli, in pro per prevailed in an action in the US Sixth District Court - the very first time the Communications Act of 1934 was enforced. I am told this is a precedent now discussed in Law Schools across our great Nation. He collected less than $30,000 on a $950,000 judgement as the Defendant defied the Court and fled to Mexico after titling assets to various relatives. See Cafarelli v. Yancey https://law.justia.com/cases/federal/district-courts/FSupp2/72/791/2336055/ I prepared for Law School at Kalamazoo College in the late 70s scoring high on the LSAT. Accepted by Duke and the University of Michigan Law Schools and declined to matriculate.
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