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  1. Hello I hope in in the right spot if not hope sum one should point me in the right direction. Okay so on dec 10, 2017 I think it was a friend n I got pulled over they pulled me out of the car and then told my friend to put his hands up and he did and they told him to get out of the car well he was trying to do what they said u could hear him on the police video telling them he was trying to do what they said. Well they shot him 7 times in front of me and now I am messed up in the head cuz of it. I dont like to go anywhere except stay at home n to my appointments other then that I am always home. So is there anything I can do about this
  2. Thank u for all u guys help.
  3. I am the court appointed rep. No my cousin didnt have a will or any of the above. I am just a little upset that the guy didnt want anything to do with him at all. I mean i really think that the law should really be changed on this cuz he wasnt there for him at all and wanted nothing to do with him.
  4. Okay so i have a problem my cousin killed himself in a jail i am suing them for wrongful death. They should have had him on suicide watch but anyway. I am the estate holder his mom is dead and he does have a (sperm donor) dad that hasnt had anything to do with him his whole life. Didnt try to reach out to him help him out in anyway. When his mom died his (sperm donor) showed up at her funeral. Well need less to say is that he didnt come to do funeral arrangements or ever offer to pay or help pay of any of it and he didnt even ahow up for his own sons funeral. How is it that he would get anything out of the suit if its won. He was just a sperm donor. A pos sperm donor. He didnt even want to do anything about his sons death until i started the legal process and he found out it could be a potential muliti million dollar suit? How could this be and is there anyway around it
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