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  1. It's defaming daily. Yes it happened but never should have. Google has been asked to take it down and they haven't. I can't make a living in the business I've been in for 30 years. Google owners billionaires and they use my information. They should be held accountable and do what we want. Not what they want. Glenn Neasham about $1000.00 what's fair or right about this? They are defaming me. Yes they didn't write it but because I was exonerated meaning it never happened they should do what there asked to do. Who are they God. No a search engine and I don't want to be searched. ACCOUNTABILITY.....
  2. I was arrested, tried, convicted then exonerated for a non crime. I sold an annuity to a woman and she made $42,000.00 in three years then the state came after me three years later because they claimed the client had dementia at the time of the initial application. My case was unprecedented. The 1st DCA said the court forgot the intent part in the jury instruction and said that larceny is a specific intent crime that requires a taking. The court said the annuity only benefited the client herself and that no artifice or anything benefited me the agent other than the commission. Google wont take all this information down and I'm still in the insurance business after losing my licence because of this for two years and I've lost everything including my family, and if I have any hope of recovery this garbage about frivolous case needs to be taken off Google. Anyone know how?
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