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  1. Well, they could have easily detained me and called the cops but they didn't. And if they were so concerned with my health they easily could have kept me there. So it says more about them than me, really. I'm already getting help. The director was not interested in "understanding" much of anything much less treating it....sooo he really shouldn't have been working there. You can call it atrocious ElleMD, but I was reacting to already barbaric behavior.
  2. Hi, I recently checked myself into a psychiatric clinic due to being overwhelmed with family, work, and friends. I had also had not been taking my medication correctly. I was going through withdrawal, but didn't know it at the time. I had been to this clinic before, just not this location. I was put on a 5150 hold. I was there overnight. The whole experience was pretty bad considering I never got the help I needed. I briefly met the director and during this time he was incredibly rude. He threatened to what sounded like keep me there longer if I didn't take medication. I attempted to talk to him after this, but he just brushed me off. I did end up taking medication while I was in there, but never saw a psychologist, or talked to anyone extensively. When I was released, I was escorted to the waiting room. Right before I was let go through the security check-in room, the director took my brother (who was there to pick me up) aside to this little room to talk to him w/o my consent. I had given consent for my brother to speak to the staff, however this was now after I had been released. Also the director, didn't know who my brother was and didn't even introduce himself. Either way, I was revoking consent, but in my condition, didn't articulate this.The security guard stood between me and door and I couldn't get out. I believe they were illegally detaning me by that point, so I even told the guard: "Do you want to be an accessory?" He kinda got a concerned look on his face but that was about it. I montioned to my brother and the director through the glass to stop talking, but the director continued anyway. About 45 sec after this, the director came back in and some words were exchanged. I don't remember what was said but I ended up punching the director in the face. Right after this, I put my hands up and security guard kinda had me back up against the wall. He told me to put my hands behind my back and I complied. During this time I yelled at the director: " You're just looking for a reason to come down on people!" Then I called him a control-freak. The security guard kinda eased off after I said this, because he realized I was telling the truth. The director's face froze, because he realized the same. About 15 seconds after this the guard escorted me outside while I said "I'm gonna call the po-po's". As I was walking out the door the director followed and said, "We'll see you back in here." I said fat chance! Basically, what I told the director was what I had been trying to tell him the entire time, but never got a chance to. I realize punching him was wrong, I wish it had never come to that. I never ended up speaking to the police b/c I was processing a lot and needed time to decompress and had a therapy appointment as well. Anyway, my question is: can I go to the police and file a report that they were illegally detaining me? Has anyone dealt with something similar? What should I keep in mind if I do this? I'm planning on speaking to a lawyer, but just wanted some input. I already filed a HIPAA complaint and am planning on reporting this person the Dept. of Mental Health. Thanks. I'll add on if I think of anything more.
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