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  1. If he would of fired me for parking in a public parking lot could I do something? I figured the whole no raise thing was legal tbh...
  2. So I'm a 17 year old kid who's worked at a local restaurant in Wisconsin for over three years now. I started as a dishwasher and moved my way up to a full time cook and am now able to do everything in the restaurant. The owner (family owned business) owns the building the restaurant is in, but does not own the parking lot. The parking lot is city owned, you have to plug a meter, 2 hour time limit. Recently he's been demanding that no one can park in this parking lot on Friday's or Saturdays, claiming a lack of business due to their being no parking spots available, saying customers drive away because they can't find anywhere to park. He's instead demanded that we park in a different a couple blocks away. Originally he threatened the Job of anyone who parked in the public parking lot but I think after some thought he realized how much money he would loose in a lawsuit if he actually ever fired anyone for it. He then moved on to say that anyone who parks in this public parking lot would not be eligible for a raise until they started parking in a different lot a couple blocks away. Is any of this illegal? if so, could someone link the particular law or statue their violating. Also would a lawsuit be worth it over this and how profitable could it be? Thanks, PotDropAndRole (Alias to maintain anonymity)
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