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  1. The listing of a house in CA cannot be considered an offer because the owner of the house might not sell the house. Listing of the house can be an act of knowing whether the house can get the owner more than what he was expecting or the real value of the house in the market.
  2. Let me ask you something first..... Do you have the copy of the agreement? If you have the copy of the agreement, does it have any clause or points written down that you have to surrender a certain amount of security deposit with the landlord? Is there anything written pertaining to prior intimation before you vacate the property and after which, when should the landlord return the security deposit and under what circumstances? Another question... Have you caused any kind of damage to the property? If you are sure that you have not broken any of the terms of the agreement, you can go ahead and file a case against him with proper proofs. I can also suggest that before doing so, try to speak to the landlord and settle the issue.
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