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  1. I DID list my state, city and county of my issue. Do d you see that? Thank you kindly for responding!
  2. I just moved into an 8 suit apartment (4 other suits are still vacant) building in Lakewood, Ohio, Cuyahoga county, no written lease, just verbal. I paid the lady who manages the place for the “unknown owner” initial deposit of $1,500 BUT was told to make money orders out to “Cuyahoga county Treasurer office” I also noted on checks the property address the payment was for. Now I found out that the unit I’m renting had been vacant for over a year - gas utility co. Needed to do inspection and results of that inspection had to be faxed to the city of Lakewood buildings inspector in order to turn on the gas!! What city or county records department can I query to get to the bottom of WHO OWNS and WHAT’s PROPERTY TAX STATUS and WHO LEGALLY OWNS or are there LIENS Against the property? The lady who’s managing the property for the “unknown owner” says we have to fix the broken (rotted) entry stairs ourselves and one of my movers fell thru the stairs when moving me in! The roof leaks, ceiling fan fixtures have shorts and don’t light! My cats have caught 3 mice and I’ve only been in this place 2 weeks!!! what legal tenant rights do I have in Ohio and recourse do I have to demand “unknown owner” fix apartment discrepancies? I’m a female 64 yo disabled vet on disability pension I certainly don’t have ability to pay for repairs on a fixed income!!! Nor am I inclined to knowing how to fix rotted wood stairways!!! WHAT DO I DO LEGALLY?
  3. I paid FULL late rent payments three previous times but not within the last year. Now I paid partial payment due on 5th n remaining balance and late fees by 15th in ohio. Landlord “rental LLC” never sent notice of any sort and accepted the late Rents. I have an accounting statement from them showing my years rent payments. Now ive been served eviction! Their acquiescence of filing any notice or eviction should negate the eviction proceedings now?!?! The LLC refused my partial rent payments n returned checks and filed eviction. 14 days later at 1st hearing they ACCEPTED ALL the pasts months rent plus late fees! That’s all I owed!!! Why can they refuse rent payment only 14 days earlier THEN say it’s okay to accept late rent in court?!?! There is also a second cause for $8,000 in damages! WTF I only leased the place for 14 months!!! This is absurd!!! What at can I do?
  4. I recently moved into a 4 suit old building apartment with NO LEASE only verbal acceptance as tenant but the lady who manages the building for the “Landlord” had me make my “rent” deposit to the local county treasurer. I don’t feel very secure about this method of “rent” payments. Can I be evicted if owner defaults on property taxes? How much time would I be notified of default and how much time will I be allowed to move?
  5. Apartment management pursuing eviction (partial rent payment acceptance denied) and damages up to possibly $8k, they will not inspect my apt until after 7/31/19, pursuant to Clause of subpoena. Only after I move out by 7/31/19! How can can I move out and restore the apartment with regard to lease agreement at the same time?? been renting apt since 12/01/2018, two cats and when I moved in here the carpet was not new, there was water damage from pipes leakage in doorway ceiling ( they never repainted walls where repaired, the kitchen drain exploded from gushing water coming up from drain (water marks on cupboards and damage sustained to lower cabinet under sink) They tried 4 times to snake the drain- come to find out there is tree roots blocking drainage (very slow still!) Bathroom ceiling under tub area falling out due to water drains out from pipes in ceiling and tile around tub walls tiles are bowing out from leaking pipes behind the tub walls! I have photos of these items, the maintenance guys are DIY fixers NOT PLUMBERS!! Very upset about apt mgmt lack of proper service to these issues— yet they trying to sue me before even doing an exit inspection with me!! What do I do?????
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