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  1. Apartment management pursuing eviction (partial rent payment acceptance denied) and damages up to possibly $8k, they will not inspect my apt until after 7/31/19, pursuant to Clause of subpoena. Only after I move out by 7/31/19! How can can I move out and restore the apartment with regard to lease agreement at the same time?? been renting apt since 12/01/2018, two cats and when I moved in here the carpet was not new, there was water damage from pipes leakage in doorway ceiling ( they never repainted walls where repaired, the kitchen drain exploded from gushing water coming up from drain (water marks on cupboards and damage sustained to lower cabinet under sink) They tried 4 times to snake the drain- come to find out there is tree roots blocking drainage (very slow still!) Bathroom ceiling under tub area falling out due to water drains out from pipes in ceiling and tile around tub walls tiles are bowing out from leaking pipes behind the tub walls! I have photos of these items, the maintenance guys are DIY fixers NOT PLUMBERS!! Very upset about apt mgmt lack of proper service to these issues— yet they trying to sue me before even doing an exit inspection with me!! What do I do?????
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