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  1. My apologies, I had tagged it twice now. I am in Kansas and the garage doors were shut during the storm.
  2. The basement flooded. Water came in through the garage doors(we have a split level home) and the whole basement was ankle deep in water. We were in the process of still moving in so we lost baby pictures, baby books, my husbands laptop, numerous kitchen electric gadgets and so much more. We are lucky it wasn't worse than it was but it was definitely a traumatic experience and we are out those memories and other items. I am just more mad that they tried to hide it from us. Yes we should have read and re-read the documents but we didn't. I am just trying to find out where we stand now. beyond the fact that they just didn't answer those questions, the fact that they didn't disclose this information really bothers me. Is that even legal?
  3. Thanks for all of the responses. We didn't purchase flood insurance because we are not in a flood zone and we had no knowledge of previous flooding. I appreciate the feedback.
  4. My husband and I recently purchased a home, this was our first home purchase and everything went really fast with signing and everything. We had lived in the house for 2 weeks and the first rain storm we got we ended up flooding, after the fact we had been informed(by neighbors) of the homes history of flooding. When we went back and looked at the disclosures, the owner skipped over the questions asking about flooding. We missed this when signing but would have asked if wed been informed. The Realtors both worked for the same realty company and the realtor that listed the home had actually rented it for 2 years from the owner before listing it for sale so she also knew of the homes history of flooding and nothing was mentioned to us during the purchase of the home. Do we have any foot to stand on here. I have been told to reach out to an attorney because our realtor didn't represent us like he should have. What do we do if anything?
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