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  1. my daughter and I live in Ohio. M daughter has, 4 children. 3 girls and 1 boy. My daughters mother (here after, grandmother) lives in Texas. My daughter allowed the grandmothers husband to come to Ohio to get the boy, who is 4 yrs old, and they all agreed for two weeks. this was in Nov. of 2018.my daughter had made calls and messaged up until the grandmother told her to quit harassing them and even went so far as told her to specifically quit calling and messaging. this was in early May, May 11,2019 to be precise. we were in texas at that time just so my daughter could pick her son up as that was what the grandmother told her before they quit communicating. Now my daughter is being served with motion to terminate parental rights and another with it so they can adopt him. Does anyone know where venue/ jurisdiction would be since the mother and son have lived in ohio for most of the boys life. their grounds are for being unfit and abandonment, neither of which can be proven but all of the witnesses for my daughter live in Ohio and what courses of action can I do as the grandfather? As for my Daughter, I am thinking of either a dismissal or a change of jurisdiction/venue since the grandmothers husband came to Ohio to get him with the full intentions of not returning him. Any advice or opinions/comments would be greatly appreciated
  2. I appreciate all the feedback I really do!! She will have an attorney in a week or two And I'm trying really hard to be as patient as I possibly can And I apologize if I came off wrong to anybody. One last question if anybody has an answer for this what can I do as a grandfatherTo protect my visitation rights with my grandson?
  3. Update: My daughter's mother has stalled my daughter long enough to file for termineation of parental rights in order to adopt the son of my daughter does anybody know how I can Counter that maybe as in a counter file
  4. So in a nutshell, anybody can grab a child and keep them And make the paternal parent go to court to prove they have custody is that how it works?
  5. I agree with you with most. She never lost custody. So does that mean birth certificate social security card school records (pre k) are no good? She had been trying to get him back for several months. And at the beginning of may I took her to Texas myself and her mother refuses to give him back and went so far as to tell her to quit calling,texting etc... just wanting to what legal recourse is out there
  6. My daughter, who lives in Ohio, sent her son to Texas to visit with his grandmother and step-grandfather for two weeks. They never brought him back. Keep in mind that this was in November, 2018. Evertime my daughter asked for his return, they always said they couldn't afford to, but if she wanted to come get him, she could. So this being the case, my Fiance and I took time off from work to take my daughter to Texas to get her son. $3,000.00 dollars and a week later. We came back empty handed. We went through 2 sherrifs department and a Texas ranger, (who says his hands are tied), called FBI, and even law enforcement agencies in Ohio. My daughter has never been in any court nor served with any papers of any kind. How might I ask, is this not kidnapping/abduction. My daughter's mother stopped communicating with her when she found out she was there to get her son. Law enforcement in Texas will not look at this on a criminal level and is basically giving a child to a grandparent, when grandparents in Texas have no "custodial rights". What can we do to get this 4 yrs old child back where he rightfully belongs?
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