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  1. Good Evening...Just to reply on the last response....I know I had to pay for the repairs...correct me if I am wrong..car repair shops, in the state of Tennessee, are required by state Consumer's Rights Law, to call the consumer with an estimate of what the repairs are going to cost, THEN, take action after the consumer's request, of the said known estimate(s).
  2. "what happened when you went to pick up your car" I haven't picked up my car yet. I haven't called due to not having the payment.
  3. " have you paid for the repairs" No not as of today, but will have the payment in full ($625) by Monday am.
  4. "then why did you have it towed there" I had it towed there under the impression it was going to save me some money. Since the tow truck driver took the keys inside the office, it could no longer get a discount. I did not state this to the owner, due to the obvious. should I have mentioned it when I was told $625?
  5. "For what purpose, did they know your car was coming?" Yes, the employee in the shop did know my car was coming, but the owner did not.en called that person, he stated there wasn't anything he could do since it was taken to the front desk and not on the side.
  6. Apologies for the delay in response. Thank you again for your feedback. To reply to the questions, in reguards to the present subject, the answers are as follows; So when I stated "long story short", let me back up and add detail to the situation at hand. when my personal friend, from the towing company, across from the to yard, towed it there, the driver took the keys I had made and delivered to a gentleman named Kevin, the owner. So now we have to have a ticket on my car, and no longer may it be "under the table". i was called 2 days later, by Kevin, the owner, with a message, " your car is ready, balance due $625.00. I returned Kevin's phone call and told him that I did not have $625.00,(never mentioned the employee under the table deal) and proceeded to ask him if there was a payment plan we could agree on. He stated, "let me move some cars around in my lot and I will give you a call back'. he called me back 20 min. later and stated he would take $450 now and the remaining balance needed to paid within 2 weeks of the date paid of the balance $450. I told him I would have to call him back, I do not have $450. I haven't called nor seen Kevin due to I don't have the money. Now, all around if I had the money to have ny car fixed I would have taken it to the dealership. since I didn't, and I was under the impression it was going to be "under the table", it would be a reasonable price. Usually, a repair shop, dealership, etc....will call you with an estimate of the price and what it entails to be fixed on a vehicle. Please correct me if I am wrong about calling with an estimate.
  7. I OWN a 2009 Ford Fusion. My key was misplaced. Long story short, I had it towed by a personal friend, of Gleaves Towing, to a local car repair shop. I had not received a call, not a word for 2 days. The repair shop called and left me a voice mail stating that my car was ready $625 later. If I had known it was going to be that orice, I would have had no choice but to wait due to short of money. I returned their phone call and stated I don't have $625 today, what do I need to do. He stated to allow him to move a couple of cars on the lot and he would call me back with an answer. Ok, mind you, I never gave this repair shop consent to work on my vehicle. I did have the car towed there. He calls me back 20 min. later and stated he will take $450 today and the remainder of the balance ($625) will need to be paid in full within 2 weeks after I pay the $450. It is now 30 days later and I have no car. What do I need to do? Can they keep my car, without having my consent to work on it? If I don't have the money to get my vehicle, which this could have all been prevented if he would have called me with an estimate BEFORE working on my vehicle, what do I do? What are HIS rights and what are my rights in the state of TN on Car Repair Shops and Consumers Rights? Thanks in Advance!
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