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  1. Florida, My 3yr old son's father, who mind you has not ever signed my child's birth certificate more so my child does not even bare his last name he bares mine, is tryin got take me back to court for modification of parenting plan. We have a paternity plan set up shortly after my son was born that bascily gives him rights as a parent, and declares him the father of our child. He is seeking full custody and me supervised visitation. His grounds are that my fiancé and I have a drinking problem that is a life threatening risk to my son. We are not frequent drinkers. We do not even partake in the act no more than once a month if that. However he has claims there is a video of me driving and drinking with our minor child in the back seat. Through deposition with his lawyer I have asked for said video so I am aware of what he would like to use in court and the lawyer told me he did not have it with him at the time of the deposition. More claims he has is such in the manner of my fiancé. He was been charged with a DUI last year, however at the time of his DUI it was not my time sharing time, the minor child was not with us. Another is, an incident that happened that my fiancé was charged with Public intox. Again during the second charge my son was not with me for my scheduled time sharing. He has stated several other accusations that I am able to provide evidence that these are inaccurate, false claims. Over the course of 4 years he and his wife have tried numerous times to over step me and my role as my sons mother. One example is they enrolled our son into daycare, filling the forms out listing me as an other and herself as the mother. MY contact number was not even put on the form in case of an emergency the school to call me. The school has stated twice they were under the instruction that they are to go to her, the step mother, for any matters regarding my child. The director of the daycare is also a friend of the stepmothers and when I ask to get her statement on this, she declines. Another instance is when the step mother took it upon herself to get his pediatrician to order an antibiotic she felt my child needed when he did not before speaking to me on the matter or my sons father informing me, when the antibiotic was filled the pharmacy called me to let me know I could pick it up, after stating to her I would pick it up to give my son a dose that night as he was already in my care, she put a transfer into the pharmacy to pick it up herself which prevented me from administering a dosage. My son did not receive the meds till he was back in his fathers care. I have videos of my child telling me that his step mother tells him he is not allowed to love me, when I ask why he states its a secret. I have presented these videos to my sons father and he brushes them off telling me it is our sons toddler talk. It has been a battle since she came into the picture with trying to state that I am my sons mother, and she does not get to do the things she does regarding taking control of major decisions on him. They have even called Department of Children and families making me and my fiancé undergo a series of evaluations to prove we are not anger people or people with an issue on Drugs and Alcohol. I have videos of her holding her and my sons dad, month old baby while someone is pouring a beer in her mouth and the beer spills on the baby. I have numerous videos of them having parties at their house while my child was under their care, and even pictures of them drinking alcohol with my son in the pictures, Especially Christmas morning chugging alcohol while my son is in the back ground eating breakfast, unattended. I am curious as to know what I can do. I do not have the money to hire an attorney, as they do. I am becoming worried that money might hinder my chances.
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