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  1. Thank you for your reply, it seems like I will have to take a trip to Va to prove my innocence after all. It is disgusting that I am guilty until proven innocent. Would you know of any other recourse I could take otherwise?
  2. I recently received notice that I was issued 4 traffic citations that were not paid and guilty in absentia. Failure to maintain proper control of vehicle, expired registration, expired inspection and no operators license. These infractions were in Virginia where I used to live and I have moved to Texas since then and was working in Texas the date and time of the infraction. When i I got the notices in the mail, I immediately called the va court to contest, they gave me the troopers contact to discuss with him. I got hold of the trooper and he FaceTimed me and immediately realized I was not the person he had issued the citations to. Since he knows that it wasn’t me, does he have a legal obligation to go to court and clear my record of those violations before any further harm is done to my record?
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