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  1. this is a complicated scenario so please bare with me. is a detective allowed to share information about an ongoing investigation to anyone who is not a law enforcement official? lets say a detective shares info with "tom", an individual who pressed charges on "jon" and "jon" is being investigated for another crime as well. can the detectives share information and evidence with "tom" about the other crime "jon" is being investigated for? nd the info being shared with "tom" is relayed to the mother of "jons" wife. "jons" mother-in-law is then questioning her daughter about the information and telling her she head it from "tom". "toms" girlfriend is sisters with "jons" mother-in-law. isnt there some kind of unlawful wrong happening here?
  2. it wasnt drugs that was in the bag. how can someone fight a felony 5 charge on forgery if they cashed a forged check that they had no idea was fake
  3. if parents break into daughter apartment(which is on their property) and steal a bag (which contains evidence of criminal acts) that belong to their son in law is that breaking, entering and theft? after parents have possession of the bag for a couple of weeks turn the bag into the cops as evidence (which they would no have obtained any other way)against the son in law, could the detectives use that evidence as admissible evidence in court against him? or could it be thrown out bc it was originally taken during a criminal act
  4. husband was charged with 3 count of forgery. secret indictment for all 3 ending in an arrest warrant. in jail now. need to know what should i expect to happen next? and if there could be a chance for him to get bond.
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