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  1. i was pulled up at a gas pump and car was off keys out was stepping out of my vehicle when an officer pulled up and said hold on . ihe said i talked to your daugfhter about changing the state of the licence plate on the car. first it has texas plates and yes we are in arizona but, im not my daughter and the car belongs to her brother in law who lives in texas and he let her use it for little bit. it was insured registered and again ok im still not my daughter. i had a passenger a friend with me and she to was out of vehicle before he got behind me at gas pump on private property. she was going in for soda but he said no stay right where she was so she did. well he asked can he search vehicle i said sure my purse her purse everything was in there no problem. so i said well im not standing out here while u do this so i went and sat about 20 ft from car in shade and my friend got stopped and questioned by another officer close by car but opposite side of gas pump than we were pulled up to. two officers search very deeply into the car every where and everything no problem including my purse and hersevery thing!!!! nothing was found they asked my friend but i did not know she said they can search her if needed but when they asked me i said no there is no reason and i just wanted them to finish and let me go they had no reason or right for to pull me over so since i refused the got thier canine out to search car and lead the dog around the car and of course where me nor my friend could see the dog magically hit on driver door so they came over to me and said the dog gave a hit on drivers side door i said then i guess youbetter search the car again the dog hit on car not me but t was probably cause to search me. no it wasnt but they handcuffed me and my friend and took us to police station . the put us i seperate rooms and made me get naked totally naked for what they had no right i had 2 of my 5 mg volume which i have a script for on me they got excited until i said ihave a dr prescription for them . i wasso humiliated they let my friend go but kept me there for five hpours when i asked if i was under arrest the cop said i dont know he needs to talk to his superior , then about an hour and half later i knocked on cell door yes i was getting very upset but again i asked whats going on he said he was doing alot of paperwork for this whatever this was but he said he was doing alot of paperwork that he needed to finish and send where ever first then i maybe would be let go. bullshit they pulled up after i was parked off and getting out of vehicle on privateproperty then got mad when i said no and had dog bullshit hit on not my car . then detained me and stripped searched me found nothing and kept me for five hours i was humiliated and i do not now trust any officers here anymore . what can i do and they gave me no paperwork nothing so i realized the next day after i calmed down that hey i want copy of the paperwork he was supposedly doing that he needed to send in so i went to police station and talked to thier answering officer on phone and ask for the officer and or the paperwork a copy of it that he sent they said he was not there i needed to talk to him i kept checking but he never was available or no there. never got anything from them what can i do i was so humiliated and have witnesses to stop including store clerk
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