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  1. I closed on my house on December 12, 2018 in Indiana. This is my first house, so I relied upon the realtor to educate me on the process. In late April 2019, I received a bill for 2018 property taxes. As I only owned the house for 19 days of 2018, I assumed I would pay only the prorated amount of taxes for that time. Instead, both the realtor and title company are telling me I’m liable for the entirety of the 2018 taxes, regardless of ownership, and regardless of the fact these taxes are based on an outdated and severely overestimated assessment I had no opportunity to dispute. They say the law in Indiana states that a buyer takes on all taxes from the year in which the house is purchased, regardless of when. I can’t find any such law, and had someone informed me of this prior to closing, I would have delayed the closing 3 weeks. Can anyone advise me on this, please? This was not a foreclosure listing, but was sold as-is.
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