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  1. No, not as of yet. The police and the lawyer said that although it IS a possibility.
  2. Nashville, TN - Sun afternoon, a 13yr old white girl (will be relevant) on a bike drives past another car in front of me (Car A, similar black sedan to mine) at a light intersection coming out of my apt complex. - Car A moves forward slowly & the girl meets & falls onto their hood. She gets off the hood, Car A reverses, I reverse, & she moves to speak at the window of Car A to the driver. I assume they're confirming that she is ok (seemed to be). - Girl moves her bike to the sidewalk. Car A takes a right & drives off. I pull forward & get out to ask her if she's ok & if she wants me to call a police/ambulance. She refuses, says she's that she's fine. I drive off. - I discover later the girl contacted her step-mom. Sends police, fire-trucks, ambulance. - Sat afternoon, the step-mother is driving thru my apt complex screaming, racial slurs ('n-word', I'm white!), threats. She stops at my car, takes pictures of it. I approach. She raves about the car being the one that hit her daughter and making threats. I tell her it's my car but I was only a witness, not the culprit. She keeps raving and eventually drives off. She even left a post-it note saying 'Hit & run mother f***ers! I'm watching you'. - Wed afternoon, I get a report saying I'm the hit-and-run culprit since my car looked like Car A. A witness IDs me/my car, and I'm unsure if the girl changed her story. What do I do? I don't have a dash-cam or other witness to the accident. I'm only a witness in this situation, but for some reason I'm the one being blamed for hitting this girl. I know now what I should've done, but now I'm regretting not staying, or taking pictures of Car A, writing the license plate number, etc. I've already filed a report against the step-mother, with witnesses to her threats. But that still leaves the hit-and-run report against me. I'm contacting the officer this morning who made the report to try to clear things up, but I don't know what else to do/say to affirm my innocence. I have a pristine driving record, work for the State, and need fast advice. Any and all help would be sincerely appreciated!
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