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  1. Hi. Thanks for the advice. I was not recruited by a firm. I was told by one of the managers that they found my resume on Indeed.
  2. Hello everyone. I recently was offered and accepted a management position as a Director of the coordination department at a home care agency located in NYC, and that I would eventually transition into Director of Operations. I received a job offer letter stating the title, salary, and description of goals. Well, first day I began with the agency, I met briefly with the CEO of the company, same person that made me the job offer, and he stated that he was not going to introduce me as the Director for the first week, so that I can blend in the staff, identify personnel that are not doing a great job, and identify opportunities where the agency can improve its performance and practices. He added that I would be introduced as the director second week in. I didn't question his intentions at the time because I had no reason to suspect he was fooling me, so I went along with it. During the first and second days at the company, I began to notice that the office staff had no idea why I was hired and began to pass me work they did not want to. Third day at the company, I reached out the CEO and expressed my concerns and disappointment with not being introduced as the director, and even explained that I found areas where the agency was lacking and could improve to better service and retain it's clients. He stated he would come to the office next day to clear things up. He never showed. So I reached out to the VP of Operations, who oversaw the agency and I explained to her what I was feeling. She stated that she was told something else about why I was hired and that she would look into it and get back to me. Now the second week went by and she did not get back to me. Payday arrived and I did not receive my pay for the first week employed deposited to my bank account. I found that to be strange because I submitted my bank information first day of began with the agency. HR told me that my bank info was given to the VP of Operations. She claims that she "forgot" to submit my bank info the payroll. So I was given a payroll check instead. I deposited that check into my bank account, and would you believe that the check bounced? Yes, the check bounced the next business night, Monday night. That bounced checked caused my account to be negative because I scheduled payments to be deducted after I was received payment. And because my account was negative, I was also hit with several overdrawn penalty fees which added to over $200 in fees. When I brought this to the attention of the VP of Operations, she pretended to be shocked, but then stated that they had issues with check numbers which is why my check was returned. So she presented me with another check, which when I tried to deposit I was denied because the funds were not cleared so I had to wait 2 days for the funds to clear. During my discussion with the VP about my concerns about not being introduced as the director and given tasks of an entry level coordinator instead, she mentioned that the CEO has done this before to several past employees which is why the agency has lost several good employees, and that he had no intention of employing me as the Director. She continued to explain that his goal was to hire me at the salary he offered me, and fire 2 coordinators and assign me their work to make up for my high salary. He did not mention this to me and I would have never agreed to that if he would have stated that in the interview. Now after learning that I was fooled and receiving a check that bounced and having to wait nearly a week for the check to clear, I decided to end my employment with the agency. (Side note, I learned that several field employees have experienced issues with receiving bad checks as well). My questions are, is it legal for an employer to change your job title and responsibilities without an employee agreeing to it and after receiving a job offer letter that clearly states what was agreed? Also, should I file a claim against the company? If so, how can that be done? I welcome any suggestions and advice.
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