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  1. So I was at a friend's how's checking up on him and all of a sudden he gets a knock at the door it was the police they had showed the warrant and persuade there duties an detained me an my friend well at that time I had my cell phone in my hand they yelled at me told me to put cell phone down on the table an they detained me in the police cruiser well long run short they returned my purse to me an halfway home I noticed my money iPhone an illegal substance was not in my purse obviously I know the illegal stuff was not g be returned but why wld my money an iPhone b in there possession still when I had nothing to do with the warrant or why that warrant was issued but anyways I went back to the property an asked the officer about my stuff an responded with your going to have to call lead investigator in regards to your possessions bc they have been seized an documented on the inventory sheet already I was pissed an replied ummmm way do my belongings an money have to do with my friend an his property those are my things an who the **** has a home phone anymore I sure don't so how do u escapect me to call when u all seized my cell phone an u took my money so I can't even go by a prepaid he responded I'm sorry but u were just at the wrong place at the wrong time!!!! So question is did they illegally seize my belongings or do they have a right to seize anything within that property they have a legal warrant to search even me the innocent visitor?
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