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  1. I understand this, lol. He will have to answer to the IRS whenever that day comes. My original question was answered, I do appreciate your help, all of you!
  2. Her boyfriend is Caucasian, not an illegal immigrant but he HAS worked alot of cash-pay jobs in construction, landscaping, boat repair ect. I do know that he has also had some regular W-2 jobs. Maybe the offset between the cash jobs and the W-2 jobs annually meant he did not make enough (legally) to file. Im not sure.
  3. As far as the questions PG1067 was asking regarding previous years filings, I am unsure. My daughter was a stay at home mom and her boyfriend worked. His parents claimed everyone. My daughter is 25 and her boyfriend is 26. I honestly dont know how she got away with it or what their filing status was ect. The boyfriend (I dont think) has filed his own taxes EVER. All I know is that its a mess and the best thing for my daughter to do now since she IS working and is able to file, is to claim herself and her two children and let all them work out the rest with the IRS.
  4. My daughter and her boyfriend provide total financial care and food, clothing. They have moved out from the GP's. I advised her to file quickly as soon as she gets form this year and if the GP's file then they can be investigated.
  5. The boyfriend is the father of 1 child. Paternity has never been established as in a DNA test ect, he signed the paperwork at the hospital, thats it.
  6. My daughter, her boyfriend and their two minor children have been living with his parents the past few years. His parents got the SS#'s on both kids and filed the 4 of them on their taxes with HIS permission but not my daughters. She wanted to file them herself. This continued the next 2 years and every year she said NO and they did it anyways and gave them a "portion" of the money received. They have just recently moved out from the in-laws home and they are already saying that they are going to file the "kids" again this year,. They have the children's ss#'s .. how can they stop them?
  7. Thank you all for the advice, I really appreciate it and know what to do now
  8. VERY HONEST answer here so please do not judge ME but.... My daughter and her spouse live with her spouses parents. They have on numerous occasions, threatened to call dfcs or the police on them whenever my daughter and her family have threatened to move out. They want their own place for their family but the spouses mother is obsessed with the grandkids and dont want them to go anywhere so she tells my daughter and her spouse that she can and will call dfcs or the police because they occasionally smoke marijuana (late at night, outside, after the kids are in bed asleep) My concern is, because they are currently looking for a place to live, that this may happen soon and my daughter and her spouse could possibly be arrested and if that happens.... they DO NOT want her getting the kids. They want them to come to me if that were to happen, we just dont know what we can do in advance to ensure that the paternal grandmother dont get them arrested JUST to get the kids.
  9. I am the maternal grandmother of 2 minor children and the parents are about to be displaced and want to ensure that the children (if needed) could come to me should they become homeless or incarcerated, ect. Without relinquishing their parental rights, what should we file for? Power of Attorney or Temp Guardianship?
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