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  1. Several weeks ago I was arrested on a minor charge. Spent 6 days in jail.made bail.investigators came to my home interviewed me, and determined a few days later I was falsely accused.This still appears on a case search but lists dismissed by request of investigator.what remedy do I have?
  2. Greetings, At some point in time someone in my family took a life insurance policy on myself.I believe I was a minor at this time.Recently as events did not add up I began to wonder about this policy the particulars of it and so on. When I pressed I was told the name of the company where it supposedly exist.Upon contacting the company via teleconference I was told both parties had to be present to discuss this. When I really had a tirade the party whom took the policy said I could have it and they'd check on it.They returned the information that it had no cash value. I wonder can I force the company to pay as I do NOT consent to the policy.
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