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  1. I'm looking for help not criticism.
  2. If I could afford a lawyer we would live at my father's house.
  3. My house was raided due to my oldest sons socializing. But I was under the impression that the search warrent must be presented when asked for. They beat on my door at 5am. Then broke my front door and deadbolt. Arrested my oldest son. While screaming "come out hands first". I walked out to see 4 of those big guns with scopes on them pointed at me. My boyfriend of 7yrs Came out behind me. They immediately cuffed him. Gathered us all out side. Found nothing in my sons room. So they then proceeded into my youngest boys room.(I should mention they are 24yrs & 27yrs old). Who was already on his knees with his fingers laced behind his head. They still after cuffing him, yanked him up and threw him across the room. My 73 yr old father and his wife were also outside with us. I asked to see the warrent within the first 20 min of being outside. So did my father. They found $900.00 in cash, 3 oz of weed, and a hand gun that he was licensed for in his closed dresser drawer . He has a full time job. SEIZED those items Then arrested my younger son. They were asked to show the warrent 5-8 more times. Never produced it. They said they left a list of items seized with a copy of the warrent.Never found it. I called them repeatedly asking for it. 8.5 hrs later one of them knocked on my door and handed me a copy of the warrent. No stamp saying filed in court or anything like that. I have no clue what officers were even in my home. This dont seem legal to me. Am I wrong? Also I thought they had to conduct the search within 2 days of being issued? Is there any way to get stuff back?
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