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  1. Thank you everyone. Her "purpose" for putting it there is because I have another job and she was making sure I wasn't working on that. I might also add that she does not own the business ( not sure if that matters or not). She's an awful boss anyway it's probably time to move on. She told me she couldn't send me in front of the clients because they wanted someone who was skinny and cute, so she or the admin would have to go. I'm over being there. I appreciate all of the feedback
  2. It is 3rd party, but she would not lie. She couldn't understand the reason herself. I just need to find out if it's legal. I know there can't be audio on cameras, but is it legal to do it in my office without consent?
  3. I'm not sure. My admin told me that the boss told her she has a camera in my office and she has been watching me. Not even sure why? I thought that employers had the right to put cameras in the workplace as long as they let employees know. I would have had no issue with it.
  4. In the state of Tennessee is it legal for an employer to place a hidden camera in the workplace without informing employees?
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