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  1. My apologies, I just realized I didn’t have notifications turned on. Yes, that’s what I was charged with. The ADA indirectly threatens the seizure by “finding” the Civil statute moments before going before the Judge whilst my attorney and I were conferring about the plea deal. My current attorney wasn’t familiar with the seizure statute citing that it was civil law and not his focus. We postponed until this Thursday so that he could research it. I am considering additional/civil attorneys to cover the scope of what I am facing and provided additional perspective.
  2. I was charged with making an explosive device. I was making model rocket engines less than 100 grams. The GA definition of “explosive device” is 4oz of propellant. So what I made does not even meet the weight requirement of the legal definition.
  3. I was arrested and we are currently going back to court for a bond modification this Thursday. I cant get a new mortgage, but I’ll go into debt hiring additional or new attorneys if it means protecting myself.
  4. I am in a current criminal proceeding and have a criminal attorney, but the State has intimated that there could be a civil proceeding brought forth to seize my home. I have not been indicted and today is 15 months since the incident date. The state has offered twice, in two different way, to drop the case if I move. I can’t afford to move financially. They offered a plea deal which also included me moving so I couldn’t do that. They removed that part of the plea, but now they are indirectly threatening to start a civil proceeding to seize my home. Should I contact another criminal attorney or hire a civil attorney?
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