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  1. My ex and I divorced in 2010 when our daughter was 2. During that time he kidnapped her and assaulted me. The custody agreement states that he is civilly restrained from contact with me unless it is about our daughter. His parenting time was every other weekend. We verbally changed it later to be 50/50 time and then he changed it again because of his work schedule and he was seeing her every weekend while I had her during the week. In Nov of 2017, I attempted suicide after a stint of alcohol abuse while on anti-depressants (our daughter was not with me at the time). She stayed with him full time as I voluntarily attended am inpatient crisis program. When I was released we agreed that it would be better if she spent more time with him as I got healthy and focused on my issues. I was able to keep her every weekend. Now, I have been sober since then, I’m off medication and have completed intensive outpatient counseling where I am still in contact with my counselor from there. I have also been employed steadily and went back to school to obtain my MBA. I approached my ex with the idea of shared 50/50 custody and he refuses. I know this is going to end up in court and if it does, will they refuse due to my attempt a year and a half ago? My daughter is upset that she doesn’t see me as much as she would like. I also live 2 blocks from her school and all of her friends are close to my house. He and I both have major issues in our past, but I think it is fair that we share parenting time equally. I know it doesn't matter what I want, but I believe it would work out in her best interest as well.
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