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  1. I just feel situations like these high profile cases really infringe on a person's right to a fair trial. I do not have issue with televised trials provided the jurors are following their instructions, it's the pre trial phase where I believe the rights of the accused should out weight the rights provided to the press because at the end of the day the accused has so much more to lose. I suppose it is the age old question of which rights trump other rights. I just don't see how these situations lend themselves to a fair trial.
  2. I recently watched the Bundy Tapes on Netflix, don't get me wrong, I think he got just what he deserved...actually he deserved worse. I found it very odd and a violation of his rights to parade him out in front of the cameras to read him his indictment. I felt that was very irregular. I know the indictment is read in court but I feel that by reading his indictment on live television as a kind of we caught him, this is him he is such a monster we did a live reading for all to see is a bit guilty until proven inoccent.
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