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  1. I was detained by Verizon for leaving property and not stealing it. I don't feel like thats right. I brought a phone in that they are trying to charge me for. I'm filing a complaint against them with the consumer's protection bureau. But I really have no intention of keeping this phone. They told me over the phone that my account went to their security division because I didn't make any payments. i was traveling for work and Verizon is HORRIBLE hard to reach through automation without an account number. I tried. So they put it into collections and I plan on filing complaint tonight, after this post. I never used this phone. I don't plan on keeping it. And when I went in I was told I wasn't allowed to leave. I DID. I'm angry with myself because I'm generally pretty nice and when he ordered me in, I obeyed like a puppet. Then I got mad and told him I sure as hell can leave! Boy, i was scared and shaking. I HATE Verizon. All they did was remind me how complacent i am and why i have so much guy troubles. I'm so mad at ME. Big jerk. Any ways, I'm not suing. Is it ok to ask the police to remind the store they can't detain me? It seems wrong to detain me for returning something. That's not theft. I never stole it. I was in collections. All i wanted was a service good for a truck driver. Guess Verizon is not it. He maybe can tell me i can't leave the phone but my body sure as hell can leave that shop and did.
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