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  1. Is there a place where I can find out the laws of my particular state? Getting sued is one thing... winning is another. Wouldn't a factually accurate description be protected speech? Reading the Federal Laws on wikipedia, I should be okay. I will not do anything except take photos of the messages and quote him accurately.
  2. I am in the middle of a divorce that is very high conflict. For various reasons, I think that I could write a book about my experiences and it would have a decent chance of being successful. I currently have access to my STBX's email account... I have been advised by my divorce attorney to not read his emails because it could hurt me in front of the judge if I got caught. After the divorce is over, however, I will likely still have access to his emails. Would it be legal for me to read his emails and quote from them if I am writing a book? I think seeing his perspective on our divorce would help make the book better.
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