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  1. I live in Carbondale, IL I hired a man to do a lot of work in my yard. He gave me a quote, I agreed to and started working. After he did a little work he came and asked for money. I asked for a contract, and he wrote out all the work he agreed to do and the price. After this happened several other times and he would not return to work for days at a time. Another contractor working on something else warned me, he was making serious errors in the work that would be very costly in the future. All said and done, there was damage to my property, my neighbor's property and most of the work he did now needs to be corrected. I just learned he has no license for tree removal, no insurance, permits, obviously no experience for most the work he claimed 20 years experience to do. What are the City and State laws concerning this and what should I do? This is my mother's property she is 91 years and I am disabled and caring for her. It is distressing that I made such a bad decision and it cost my mother so much. I believe he manipulated my situation and took advantage of me and my mother.
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