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  1. I just found the mold last month. My concern is I cannot have all of mine and my childrens things out of the home in two weeks. I need a way to give me time to make arrangements without them being able to evict me and me lose all of my things before I can figure something out,
  2. I have a current situation with the home I am renting. I brought to the landlords attention the mold I found in our home. I have called everyday since April 29th,2019. The manager has refused to call me back, he has intentionally ignored me. The only times we have communicated is because I have called over and over until I was able to get someone to place him on the phone. He acknowledged seeing what could be mold and said he needed to go out investigate what is causing it. Keep in mind my children and I were not staying here due to being sick over a year and half. After he ignored me for almost 3 weeks, his assistance stated they couldn't find any mold. It was safe for us to go back in and continue to rent. I CAN SEE THE MOLD, I HAVE PICTURES, AND VIDEOS. They just do not want to financially handle this. I have a sputum sample that was sent to the laboratory to identify the fungus, mold type that was found in my spit. I also paid to have a mold specialist come into the home and test it. At this point I have tons of pictures, videos, text, and laboratory test. I need to figure out what I can do as far as rent. Do to the home not being considered habitable and safe my children and I are not staying there. Due to not staying there I am financially spending more to stay where we currently have been staying. How can I place my rent on hold until court or results. FYI they received my full 755.00 in the end of April for Mays rent and we have not stayed there one night at all this month. What should I do.
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