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  1. Thank you so the law doesn't entitle me to any visitations under the best interest of a child and the 17 factors Nevada statues revised that I met all of them.so it's just me and the parental preferences. Thank you for your response opinion I appreciate you.
  2. Even if I had baby since birth and bonded and cared for 4 months till now .can I ask the court to reconsider if grandmother violated court by restricted my visitations I'm entitled to by the law.thank you for responding I just want to do what law say I can exercise in still in the family I don't know what to do if anything
  3. My niece and her boyfriend both drug addicts and they just had a baby in November 2018, my niece also has a 2 yr old child from the previous relationship. My sister had been caring for that child and she goes out of state with her father and his family several times a year. When niece was giving birth to second child drugs was in the system and in the baby so the hospital called cps worker came and put an infant in maternal grandmother care. Baby stayed in the hospital for 12 days to withdraw off drugs and then discharge home to the maternal grandmother .two weeks later when the baby was two weeks old grandmother and niece called aunt me to take baby they can't care for baby with drugs and a possible Disabilities called in a panic , seen like grandmother was having a breakdown so I rushed over got baby she grandmother called the worker and explained to them you get baby put in foster care or can I give to my sister me.cps worker advised yes just have her file legal guardianship so grandmother went and got me a packet and everyone was in consent and happy the baby was going to be cared for, till tax returns time .on 1/26/19 I get calls demanding baby SSN card do niece on drugs can buy car not baby items a car I said no you need rehabilitation so it got messy and all of them went to my hearing objecting guardianship and lies were told so court left child in my care temporary till evidence hearing in April .evidence hearing I proved to be suitable and met all my factors plus some , but court gave child to grandmother with strong concerns cause sibling .i explained that my new few who lived in grandmother home molested a child when he was teen court did not explore, I explained grandmother lifestyle and leaves kid with new few and at times with niece the natural mother who an addition. Drug use unsupervised. Court still have baby and I lost temp guardianship and have not seem or talk to baby I. 30days grandmother been refusing my calls text and changed her phone .now grandmother been having a affair with a married man for six years and the wife knows , she blames me for that .when grandmother came to pick baby up after court ,niece spit on my face , yelling a me called me names all I said you got baby please leave my driveway.so now what chance do I have to get baby and other child visitation since court said keep sibling together even if not suitable but because of she the grandmother. We had a relationship with both kids I was the Godmother and I named the first child 2yr old.please can I reconsider, appeal or no chance of ever seeing the baby I care for since birth and fell in love but know it was temporarily so parents get clean off drugs and stable.the grandmother had. Applied for SSI on baby while the baby was still in the hospital NICU unit. She only wants money government. they wanted our military medical insurance for baby.
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