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  1. These things lead to interpretation problems. Some people want whatever they desire and do not communicate well nor fairly with others when any differences might occur. An easement through property near the boundary line or within an area of several acres is what I conceive as being operable. The easement should be clear of structures. That is what I thin and a few friends have expressed such a view.
  2. On the rural property that I built a new home we found a gas line that went to another home hundreds of feet away. Our foundation actually touched the gas line. Years later that adjacent property owner requested that we give him an easement or right of way for future necessary upkeep of the line. I feel that he can keep using the as line till the day when he converts to an oil furnace or a new feed line route gets established by the gas company. Also I believe that it would be very unwise to create a right of way that one's home would be on. To give width around the pipeline the right of way would have to include our house. I even wonder if this would be illegal or not acceptable for a created right of way. Does anyone know the answer to this problem?
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