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  1. What about items done to the condo such as the bathroom being redone, a new central air conditioner, new appliances, TAXES PAID, condos feed paid, etc all with marital money. Does any of those items get split? Or the fact that the taxes and condo fees were paid with marital money? (There were no loans on the condo at the time of the marriage)
  2. Can you explain what you mean by the equity in the property? Since she decided to buy out the other 50% ownership for $10, rather than selling her 50%, during the marriage, wouldnt that mean the real estate transaction done during marriage for a fee (even just the $10 fee she paid for the other 50%) makes that 50% purchase joint owned in the marriage as well as all improvements she has made on it, such as new central air, total bathroom renovation, etc? Therefore in a divorce, isnt the 50% she purchased during the marriage not separate property but property to be split?
  3. Before marriage, wife purchased, 50/50 with her Aunt, a condo. Both names were on the title. During the marriage, her Aunt died and for $10 bought out the other 50% from her Aunts estate. The title now has just the wife's name. Since that purchase was made for $10 during marriage for the remaining 50% ownership, does that make any/all of the condo marital property?
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