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  1. statute 2925.03C6g TRAFFICKING IN DRUGS-HERION statute 2951.08B PROBATION VIOLATION//BOONE statute 2705.01 FAILARE TO APPEAR statute 2925.11AC1 AGG POSSESSION OF DRUG SCHED.1 So they offered her 33 years, she declined. Ive never seen anyone get this much time for these charges. Has anyone else?
  2. Assault IV and Criminal Mischief charges were filed on assailant after he entered ex wife's new home and assaulted her and her boyfriend while they were sleeping. Door was unlocked but assailant was not welcome and had never been to the residence before. Ex- wife called 911, assailant left before police arrived. No witnesses, minor injuries sustained. Can an additional charge of burglary be filed against assailant after being released on bond from county Jail?
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