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  1. I dont expect anyone off the internet to know what is going on that wasnt my intent I only wanted to know if it was normal to get the deed for the house after the sell was complete. The tranaction is more complicated than this and the parts i left out could be important however i have decided to present my question to a lawyer so thanks for your reply and have a good day
  2. if you sell your hone but are going to rent it back but after the deal you get the deed for the house with your name only as the owner and it is recorded with the county recorder and you were supposed to begin paying rent in November but you never did in fact you haven't paid any rent and you haven't heard a word from anyone do you think someone made a mistake and put the house in your name and that its yours now or did someone lforgot about you or what is going on?
  3. A friend of mine got pulled over and was arrested because they had a federal probation violation warrant. When they were stopped the Sheriff found a couple of guns in the trunk of the car and told my friend they would not charge him for those and they would get rid of them. There was never any police report written no citations no record of the guns. My friend went back to Federal prison finished their time got out started working and was doing well . A year and a half aftet getting pulled over the police decided to charge him and are now writing a police report for this incident and the public defender told the judge there was a plea in place but my friend never heard the plea and never agreed to anything. I don't see how they can make a police report a year and a half later it sounds shady to me and no one has said if the guns are still available or if they were destroyed
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