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  1. Thanks guys, so if I did decide to go forward with it, it wouldn't raise any legal concerns relating to bringing a "gun" to work? And there's no legal definition of a firearm facsimile?
  2. Hi there! I hope I can get some answers, should be a pretty straight forward issue, and light hearted. I have a friendly rival at work in which has taken the liberty to create a "Throw ball Thursday" event, in which he throws a Nerf ball directly at me while I stare at my computer. He's at an advantage because his job includes walking around, and I'm basically blind to the attacks. I'm wondering if I may bring in my Nerf gun to "show him who's boss". The boss is okay with the idea, OTHER THAN the fact that our employee handbook states that no weapons including "firearm facsimiles" may be shown or used on site. My question is, after researching exactly what a firearm facsimile may look like, would I really receive a strike for operating such a device as the one below? Or can you guys give me some leverage? thanks!!
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