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  1. Thank you so much for your reply as I didn't know that.
  2. In February 2019, my husband was asked by a "friend" to help her move because he had a truck and we needed rent money, as she offered to pay for his help. Come to find out, the storage units that she was moving things out of didn't belong to her. She had keys to everything as well as the passive to get into the gate. They both went to jail on 4 counts of Simple Burglary. I bonded my husband out in March on those counts. On April 6, 2019, he was pulled over and taken to jail again on 3 new counts of Simple Burglary to which the Sheriffs Department claims he committed alone, and this "friend" had no knowledge of these burglaries as they were separate from the ones committed in February. So, she didn't get charged at all with these 3 burglaries. I have physical proof that my husband did not have anything to do with these 3 burglaries and that the friend and another companion were the ones that committed these crimes. My husband had never been to the unit in question before the night he took her there under the assumption that it was her personal unit, as she had the key to open it and the passcode to get inside the gate. He never even got out of the vehicle that night. If the Sheriffs Department is so confident my husband committed these burglaries alone, why was I never questioned? Why was our home never searched? Her house was searched... where they found stolen property. My husband has been in jail for over a month for crimes he didn't commit. Not only do I had proof in hand, but anyone who would actually look at the evidence the Sheriffs Department has, would see that he didn't do it. The problem is that since we don't have a lot of money, there is not a single person who will help us. The Sheriffs Department is trying to put this crime off onto my husband, who had nothing to do with it, and letting the actual people that did the crime go free. I cant figure out how in the world that is Justice. We have tried to get my husband court appointed attorney changed due to violation of his 6th amendment right to effective council because his current lawyer wont answer phone calls and anytime my husband asks a question about the case, all he gets is a shrug of the shoulders. But, the Indigent Defender Board told us that we would just have to bring up the change of Attorney question to the judge on my husbands TRIAL date. Where does that give the new attorney time to form a case. I have contacted various local, state and even federal agencies regarding this and am currently awaiting responses but I cant give up on this knowing that hes innocent and sitting in jail while our family is being ripped apart. If anyone has any advice, it would be a blessing.
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