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  1. So my sister has lived with my mother for most of her adult life. My sister is 48. My sister became a alcoholic & her care for my mother started to decline. My mother is 71, retired, has had 2 knee surgeries, neck surgery, has back issues & is a cancer survivor. My sister works as a waitress and she lived in my mother’s house . Due to my sisters alcoholism, which she has had numerous issues resulting in emergency services called for her.ie..fire department & police. My husband had to several times go to their house due to my sister being passed out or injured due to her alcoholism. He had taken her a few times to the hospital & to a rehab center to get her clean. We we recently found out that during the past 2yrs my sister stopped paying the mortgage & other bills that came with the house. This then put the house into foreclosure. Also found out from my mother that my sister took my mother’s life savings for her own personal self. Leaving my mother with nothing. My mother is on Ssi. Her only income. My sister found her own place, told us and said take care of mom. During this process my mother said to sell whatever we can and use that money to help out with whatever. We ended up selling the appliances & a couch. All totaling up to maybe a few hundred dollars. My husband cleaned up the house, gathered things my mother wanted and brought them to our home & the rest to her sisters house. So we took my mother in to live with us. We switched up a lot of things in our home to accommodate her. We were now her new home. She lived with us for about 6 months. Then out of no where my sister wanted my mom to move in with her & my mother agreed. So we moved her in with my sister. Then now my sister has been asking where certain things are from the house. Fishing poles and equipment, speakers, DVD player & other miscellaneous things. Things we have no idea what she talking about. Also the money for what was sold. She has been threatening to take us to small claims court for these things. Has called my husband a liar, a thief. My husband has Multiple Sclerosis & my sister has gone as far as saying “Enjoy your life your husband is going to be in his wheelchair sooner then later. She has called me a money grubbing woman & only out for money. Do we have to worry about this threat of small claims or ???. She also sends me text messages at late hours in the night when I have to be up early to work. What can I do & do I have anything to worry about.
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