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  1. My mother has been taking care of a friend of hers that she has known for 20+ years. She is a caretaker regularly. He is a pretty wealthy man. He has over $500k in the bank, a couple paid off vehicles, and the house. About 10 months ago My mom was asked to move in as an in home caretaker and in return (besides the wages paid weekly) he was leaving her the house, and cars. A couple weeks ago, his fiduciary came to the house and started tagging all his property, told my mom she has to move out, and that he had a stroke and is now incompetent. My mother quit her regular job, completely packed and moved out of her home, and was in the process of closing on the sale of it when she was told she had to pack everything again and move out. She has lost so much do to all tranSition and the fiduciary is absolutely impossible. Her friend is now stuck in a home, doesn’t want to be there and voices it constantly. His wishes were to die in his home. He has plenty of money to have a nurse or doctor there and his wishes were for my mother to take care of him and the house until he passes. I am needing someone to slow down/stop this process of selling everything. According to the fiduciary- his wishes were to give all the proceeds from everything to charity. Those aren’t his wishes and he has no one. Everyone in his family is dead, my mother is all he has. They are taking everything from him and this isn’t what he wanted. We need to pause the selling process for the estate and have him re-evaluated regarding his competence.
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