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  1. Pg1067 Yes, you're right, they hadn't finished the paperwork. I'm just curious why they were doing a community property agreement if it's all going to his wife anyway. We weren't able to get an appointment with an atty before the hearing, which is tomorrow morning I found out this am that my sister signed the form giving representation rights to the probate lawyers. Guess I'll find out soon enough what's what.
  2. Thank you Adjusterjack, Knort4, and RetiredinVA for all of your thoughts and suggestions, it has been very helpful. We have decided to consult an attorney, my sis & I, just to be on the safe side. Again, thanks!
  3. Ok, the waiver is a consent to grant non-intervention powers to the probate lawyer. But now I'm curious if his estate went to his wife because she DID survive him by many months, and would NOW go to her next of kin (her adult children) because she has died, and not go to me or my sister.
  4. My Dad died without a will about 8 months ago. Just before his passing, he and his wife of many years had a community property agreement drawn up with an attorney but never finished it. It was incomplete. His estate is worth almost $190k and only $10k is owed (med. bills). After he died at some point, probate began at the request of his wife. So yesterday I received a certified letter that there will be a probate hearing for my Dad's estate in like 4 days. She, myself, and my sister we're named heirs. Only my Dad's wife died 2 nights ago. And with the letter was a waiver for me to sign to allow some other lawyer to handle his case. What should I expect at this hearing and would it be wise to get an attorney if I want to get a portion of his estate?
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