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  1. Its for Michigan if it helps. I cant seem to find one on the forms on this site, or anywhere (not even the MI scao forms website) Anyone have any links to the forms or templates or published examples?
  2. Thanks for trying guys. I was hoping for real life experience or at least second hand stories . Google searches seem to lack all but basic cookie cutter stuff with no time lines. Oh well.
  3. Yeah, I can couldn't find a time table either.
  4. It's a motion for relief from judgment. I'm looking for any knowledge on average turn around time from file to court decision. Anyone know?
  5. I clarified in my reply to the first responder near the top of this thread, maybe you missed it but I am referring to motions called 6500. Anyone have any experience or knowledge on the average wait time for a decision on one?
  6. Not always true. Work release has been a thing in many jurisdictions for a long time. Some places go even beyond that and have "weekends" for you to do the time. It varies on location and state.
  7. I don't get the joke edit: ok, I get it now. I meant the motion that is called "6500". I get the joke, and humor is cathartic so thank you for that, but anyone know the answer sought?
  8. Does anyone know how long 6500 motions tend to take (time wise) from start to finish on average?
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