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  1. So by the way, I reckon you are a "payroll" man? A Human Resources person David Jr suggests because I would have never got "HR" till next week! Lol thanks for your time and putting up with my crazy self.
  2. "Laughing Out Loud" I'm half nuts I do admit I get excited... Trying to get it all out.
  3. Thanks thats why im an attorney n all... I a Certified Nurse Assistant. I not good at this. I know it. I do apologize. This is how we learn I suppose. We David Jr and I are 1. looking to get his record cleaned or whatever you all language is when it comes to this court cases. That way it hopefully won't mix in with his fathers cases. There is alot more to this cases honestly. And little advice? As of is this right of the court? I may just take a few law classes. So I can speak the language. Or at least understand. It.
  4. As a child grows up in a criminal household what ever else would anyone expect? Just because"criminal" word is involved doesnt mean bad people. Blessed to be alive walking back into a court room or jail is a blessing! And David Jr sat in that jail 60 some odd days he done his due! Like a man no saying he doesnt need to own up to his responsibility of the fines before David Jr stroke. Just funny how happens to be the date 5/28/2019 he David jr absoconder now! The date the mistakenly let him free.
  5. So now David Jr and David Sr. In jail on 5/ 28/19 they released David Jr. Only for the Sgt of jail called to tell david Jr. They released the wrong David. And they wasnt releasing David Sr. Until this man hobbled back to the jail to turn "David Jr" him self in a second time. He turned himself back in david Jr. Dad free david Sr. And 5/28/19 is where absoconder comes in!
  6. We worked with bondsman David Jr and myself. Turned David jr in on 4/24/2019 mind you in the mean time DAVID Sr getting 2 felony charges. Was going to court as David jr was stuck in jail! County pulled 2,200$ cash only warrant from Public intoxication"no one" seemed to see during all other jail visits. What David jr thought was going to pay bond in out jail david jr was in there till 7/1/19! David Sr going to court dates basically waiting till going to or sentence to prison. David Jr was getting pulled to hos dads court dates from jail. So david sr decided he was sleepy one afternoon and fell plum asleep in from of the judge! David Sr got contempt. Failing drug screen. Holddd onnn more..
  7. Now, 2017 David Jr started receiving SSI. In which was much needed in order to pay his fines. I and Heather fiance of David Jr. As I met back up with david jr 2017 Sept. We went to high school together. We reconnected. So David Jr been to jail couple Times due to fta, FTC bonded out had court January 14 2019 930 am was present. David Jr. As the judge said to david Jr would you like to apply you cash bond to your fines and fees? David jr says "if I can" judge says great your done mr David Jr your free time go. As we went on with our lives all of a sudden BOOM mr David jr another warrant! For FTA on January 14 2019.
  8. Okay, David Jr got into trouble with his father Sr. So David Jr, in 2014 got public intoxication. Which gave David Jr. PTR. In 2015 April David Jr. Had stroke, aynursm, heart surgery. From then on David Jr had gotten FTC and FTC. Alot as David jr was in a coma. David learned tp walk and talk took time. So PTR was withdrawn. Somewhere in between. PTR Withdrawn "DUE TO LENGTHY HOSPITAL STAY" Then on out. David Sr finally started taking his sons hospital papera to the courts as he was in his care. Following so far? Because theres more..
  9. I will not give up. And if you knew what I'm trying to say or seen this messy case you wouldnt want to mess with it either and its a challenge! Thanks
  10. Its really mixed up and very hard to explain. I dont know how else to say it.
  11. Has papers that says from ar connect when showed the hospital records all they seemed to withdraw was PTR.
  12. Also after having being in coma, aynursm, stroke didnt remember or even told, talked to nor seen probation officer since 2014 now absoconder? Hmmm oops
  13. And of course I wouldnt think oops no hands in air here obvious just keep gwttimg tied behind back due to turning himself in in first placw to get past behind him.
  14. Well Crawford County jail jr was his and sr in prison. Jr went back same day asked to return to jail due to the mix up and finished off incarceration on misdemeanor fines and now a absoconder on that very date mistakenly released
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