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  1. Hello, this is similar I believe to what I'm looking for. Haveing hard time with my disabled fiance, aynursm,stroke heart valve. He had a ticket for public intox charge in March of 2014 he looked to be paying and he had they aynursm, stoke ect... In 4/30/15 so he got repeatedly FTA, FTC, ftp, during hospital stay he was in a comma 6weeks. However this man is incarcerated after we've worked with bondsman he knew all whereabouts, went with the cash to surrender himself 205$ turning in to 2,200$ cash only! He say he knows nothing about it. And as I remind you before I say this , brain surgery half head so the court records show to a lengthy hospitalized visit "something" was dropped or delayed? Doesn't seem that way. Kicker! Went to court after being arrested on Nov 2017 to bondsman ot of jail we went to court. Jan 14, 2018, judge says "sir don't walk up here have a seat.. would you like to apply your cash bond to your fines and fees?" If I can't incarcerated says "half head" now. Judge you may go your finished. We went home 2 weeks late bondsman says you FTA. What can I do??? We don't have 2,200! Disabled in Arkansas.
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