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  1. The university advertises for it on it's "off campus housing" site and let's the apartment's shuttle drop students off on campus. There wouldn't be any detriment to me by the school if I walked away. I am financially capable of living in a small apartment further from campus.
  2. I live in Arizona. I didn't have to give any money when signing the lease. The girl applied to get a service dog without telling me in February and plans on getting approved by the beginning of the school year in late April. She claims she didn't feel the need to tell me because I can "just take more medicine and stay in [my] room." The apartment isn's owned by the university but they are affiliated. Thank you for the suggestion to check with the school's legal services. Thank you everyone for your help!
  3. I got pulled over for looking at my phone but was given a warning. At the time I couldn't find the print out of my insurance in my glove compartment so I was given a court date in 4 weeks to prove insurance. Is there a way to do this earlier? I live out of town.
  4. I signed a lease with 2 friends for a student-only apartment that doesnt start for another 3.5 months but one of my friends just got a service dog and I'm badly allergic so I need to break my lease. The manager said I need to find someone to "take over my lease" but wasnt helpful in answering my questions for what that means. My main questions are: I signed while there was a deal on rent, does the person taking over my lease get the same discount? And (this may be a dumb one) if I dont have a room or unit attatched to my lease and the lease doesnt start for 3.5 more months and its peak leasing season for students, is there a legal reason why she cant just have the next person who signs a lease take mine over?
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