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  1. I had my engine replaced at a shop that a friend ran. We had work done there previously and, other than the specific work done, everything was the same. We had the vehicle towed there after getting a decent priced quote. It took 3 months vs the 3 weeks we were told. After we got the truck back, everything seemed fine but a light on dash was flashing .. then, the third or 4th time we drove it every dash light came on! So we took it back to the shop a 2 or 3 hour drive. Left it for another week or two and were told that ther was an oil leak on the engine and many bolts weren't even tightened. We were also told that they would make it right and we believed the work was warrantied. We were told to pick up truck again but now it's in limp mode. A pump has gone bad in the exhaust. So this truck that wr still owe 6500 on, the same one that we spent almost 4000 replacing the engine on sits in our driveway because of the new engine install and wiring issues. The autoshop says they know nothing of the work being done and it must have been the mechanic (who no longer works there) after hours work and they are not responsible. So I showed them the paperwork for the engine delivery that was delivered there and asked him where that engine was. He gave no answer.... this has made the 2007 Toyota tundra worth 500 dollars on a trade in and otherwise not drivable. What can we do?
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