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  1. My husband has had me thinking this whole time if I fight him on anything it will take years and thousands to fight him. He has all the $. And, obvi he's still bitter over me ending our marriage. Thank you so much for the advice. I will get on it first thing in the morning.
  2. What I am really wanting to know is 1) if the school keeps the vehicle how can I be compensated (worth prob $3000 now so not much) and 2) can the school even accept the vehicle? Should I call the school and let them know that he cannot give items away that are marital property until the courts have determined who gets what? And today....he went out and bought a new car. I am praying he didn't use my name but his credit is so awful I don't know who would give him a car loan. Do I just have to sit and watch him "give away" or sell our joint property and hope that the courts will smack him around a little bit monetarily speaking when and if we ever go to court?
  3. My husband and I are in the beginning stages of divorce. No paperwork has been filed yet. I have been waiting for him to file for about 8 months, and he just keeps dragging me along. Financially I am not able to on my own. The list of things he has done goes on and on, but that is not what I am asking about now. My issue is.... We own the vehicle that he drives jointly. The vehicle is registered in Missouri, and we are both listed on the title with "AND". Yesterday he informed me that the vehicle broke down, and so he told me I need to sign the title over so he can get a new vehicle and use it as a trade in. I let him know that I was not comfortable doing that at this time because we have not filed anything and it's considered marital property....not to mention the fact that I am half owner and I do not agree to trade it for a new vehicle for him. I also let him know that if he does forge my name on a bill of sale or whatever (he works in car biz so he does shady paperwork all the time) that he is breaking the law. So, today he sends me a message with a picture of the vehicle being towed stating that 0instead of fixing it and keeping it since it's paid for he is going to donate it to the local technical college for them to fix and keep. What should I do? What can I do? He lives in Florida and that's where the vehicle is. I moved back to Missouri (where I registered it & where I am originally from) 8 months ago, and am not anywhere close to be able to just go get the vehicle (about 1200 miles away). Help! Every time I turn around he is pulling something like this. The list is insane!!!
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